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“I recently attended an ADR seminar in which Mark Risner was the main presenter. His depth of knowledge is exceptional and he is an excellent public speaker. His presentation was open, inviting the attendees to ask questions and his format was interactive. Given his command of the law, I was left with no doubt that he is an outstanding neutral as well as attorney.”        ~ D. Yamshon

Mediation offers business owners, both small and large, an effective alternative to litigation in the courts and more and more business are turning to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve their disputes efficiently, economically and effectively.  An experienced neutral mediator like Mr. Risner can carefully sculpt and manage a settlement process whereby the business dispute, whether large or small, is viewed against the backdrop of the true business interests and practical considerations of all involved, and put the focus on options for mutual gain and agreement.  At the Law Office of Mark T Risner, approximately 90% of all business disputes that come to mediation reach a mutually agreed upon settlement.

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